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5 Points of Pre-Processing Quality Inspection

  1. Check pockets for personal belongings (money, jewelry, etc) These items are placed in a separate bag, marked with your information. You are notified immediately.
  2. Check garments for broken buttons on shirt front, cuffs, and collars. We flag where the buttons are fractured, broken, or missing and we replace them Complimentary.
  3. Check for small tears or areas in need of repair. We will text you a photo of the area of concern and a price to repair with our seamstress, and you instruct us what to do next.
  4. Check for stains that cannot be treated with normal store bought chemicals. The garments are then flagged to be treated by an experienced spot removing technician, prior to processing.
  5. We check for “special care” items that require very gentle cleaning or hand washing. These items are separated and flagged to be processed by hand to protect the delicate features.